Schwartz Sectional System Apothecary Cabinet

Schwartz Sectional System

An early 20th century oak apothecary cabinet made by Schwartz Sectional System of Indianapolis, IN.

Stunning piece of craftsmanship and utilitarian design; each one of these twenty drawers is held in by a sliding vertical hinge that allows each cabinet to be swung fully open to the left. Inside each individual drawer the shelving is entirely customizable; on the sides and middle of each drawer, a remarkable amount of housings have been cut for an endless amount of shelving possibilities.

Cabinet is 60”tall. 18”deep. 34”wide. Inside dimensions of the drawers are 12.5”tall. 14.5”wide. 4”deep.

The sides of the cabinet are unfinished in a pale baby blue, and stamped with the address of the cabinet’s original recipient; Johnnes-Tate Pharmacy of St. Louis, MO.