American Mid Century Modern Walnut and Oak Dresser Credenza


Handsome mid century modern 12-drawer dresser credenza. Light brown walnut sides and tops, with solid band of oak molding going around front edge, and solid oak base. The walnut drawer fronts have been cerused, highlighting the grain lines of the walnut, yet still revealing the various shades of brown. Simple, modern brass hardware with age appropriate patina. USA c. early 1950s $950


60″ wide. 32.5″ tall. 20″ deep

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What we are up to.

The next Vintage Bazaar is 22 days away so things are gonna be fairly quiet on the blog front until then. We will try and release a preview catalog of sorts with descriptions, prices, and dimensions of funiture, all to make the best of our six hours in Pilsen on May 14th.

22 days is a long time to prepare, but better prepared than rushing to fill the booth the week before and bringing sub par items wasting our time and yours.

So one might say, “why should I come see Manly Vintage on May 14th at 2229 S. Halsted in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood from 12-6pm?” Good question! One good answer would be steel dressers, there will be 3-4 stripped and sealed dressers in their heavy metal glory.

Another good answer is we’ll be accepting credit cards this time around. That’s right, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. As always cold hard cash will also get the job done.

Lastly: danish teak settee, 1960s bar w/stools, American of Martinsville desk, set of four Lane Acclaim dining chairs, mantiques, and a healthy amount of machine age through mid century lighting and decor. All I’m saying is, bring your pickup trucks.


Five Iconic Modern Lounge Chairs For Any Man

Harry Bertoia and Family

The lounge chair. Ah. To relax. Everyone wants to do it and do a lot of it. A good relaxing chair does not have to exist at the expense of an appealing form. In good industrial design, form may follow function, but its never a slave to function. Guys instinctively know this. This is why beautiful vintage cars still grace garages and workshops and streets all across America. Guys know that design is important for things like hot rods, but when it comes to things inside the living room, they suddenly black out. You’ve spent so many hours in the garage perfecting the inside of the engine of a sexy hot rod tripping on exhaust fumes, that you’re content to relax in something reminiscent of a puffy floral covered curtain stuffed with cotton.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We here at Manly Vintage are here to help. Below is a list of iconic and timeless lounge chairs that have great lines, look awesome in any home, and provide comfortable seating.

1. The Bertoia Diamond Chair with Seat Cushion

This classic chair was designed by Harry Bertoia in 1952 for the Knoll furniture company. Bertoia seems to have been obsessed with bent metal, as many of his most iconic pieces are constructed from bent steel. Of all the pieces featured in this post, some would argue that its the least comfortable. You can, however, choose to purchase the Diamond Chair with a full cover which increases the amount of padding. Personally, I’ve sat in them and found them more than adequate. The form, I presume, makes people think that it won’t be as comfortable as it should be. They make a version which is good for outdoor seating. This bad boys look awesome next too a pool.


2. The Floating Lounge Chair by Milo Baughman

Baughman is one of my favorite furniture designers of all time. He loved chome and many of those chome pieces give off an ephemeral hollywood glam that is still muted enough to be presentable even in typical midwestern home. The chrome only gives off a hint of the seventies and even more-so a modern take on the Hollywood regency style. These chairs ooze comfort and style. Floating above the ground, they are reminiscent of much of the work of Swiss designer and artist Le Corbusier. I have a similar pair of chairs in my home and they are exceedingly comfortable. I wish I knew if mine were Baughman or not.

3. The Barcelona Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Mies van der Rohe designed the entire Barcelona series for the World Exposition in Barcelona in 1929. The chair itself was said to be inspired by an Egyptian folding chair and a Roman folding footstool. It is one of the most famous pieces of modern furniture ever designed and made. My wife called the chair a “bachelor chair”, and I would most definitely agree. America’s Most excellent bachelor, Patrick Bateman rocked the Barcelona chair and ottoman.

4. lc2 by Le Corbusier

This chair, designed in 1928, was very controversial when it was released to the public. Lots have changed since then. Its considered to be so iconic, the museum of modern art keeps one in its collection. I can’t think of a chair that looks more comfortable. Clean lines, lots of color and fabric choices, and tons of knock-offs to fit any budget, this chair would be a good choice for a lot of guys.

5. The Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen

The womb chair was designed in 1948 by Saarinen to be a chair that would be completely comfortable, almost “womb like”. Get it? Anyways, this chair, designed by a Fin and manufactured by the American company Knoll, is really one of the most comfortable lounge chairs you can own.

Of all the chairs on the list, this is the one that I wish I had.